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  1. Any member can post pictures/videos/interviews/graphics/fanmixes, but no fanfiction, please. There are plenty of other places for that

  2. Pictures should be no more 500x400, and if you're posting more than one, please put subsequent pictures under a cut.

  3. The same goes for videos: only one outside of the cut, please.

  4. For graphics posts, please put a maximum of three teasers outside of a cut.

  5. Please tag your post! If there is no appropriate tag, one will be created. There's no need to contact a mod.

  6. Fanmixes and anything of that nature must be posted as members only.

  7. No wank, please and thank you!

  8. You can do whatever you like with the pictures posted (by me, boombangbing; other posters may feel differently) unless expressly stated otherwise. I don't care if you repost them elsewhere/use them for graphics/print them out and stick them on your walls.

  9. I said 'please' a lot here.